The Three Seas Initiative as a way to build the political and economic potential of the region

Author: Tomasz Pysiak

An important aspect influenced by activities aimed at implementing the Three Seas idea is the building of political, economic and social potential. Community action can and does bring results in the form of a strong development impulse. Synergy of action can become a driving force for political decisions. Taking together the human capital or economic strength of the Three Seas countries may not only affect the region but also Western Europe and the global situation in general. The potential of the population, universities and research institutes can seriously change the distribution of power in Europe and put new emphasis, ensuring stability and becoming a force that reduces tensions both inside and outside the community. Adding the potentials will increase decision-making possibilities and will block the negative actions of imperial Russia or dangerous tendencies in the European Union itself, such as the construction of a superstate.

The increase in economic exchange, exchange of technologies and improvement of communication and infrastructure will cause the countries of the Three Seas Community, which at first glance are weaker, to develop intensively and become richer. The security infrastructure will also significantly improve, eliminating Russia’s dangerous actions. The population, raw materials and economic potential may result in the Three Seas countries becoming stronger and richer while maintaining their sovereignty and identity, which is extremely important for this initiative to have a chance of survival.