Geopolitics in the context of the Three Seas Initiative

Author: Tomasz Pysiak

Working to build the Three Seas Community is also a major geopolitical challenge. In a globalizing world, where not only cultural and economic processes are becoming very interdependent, building common potential is increasingly important. It becomes necessary to focus on such activities.

Francis Fukuyama’s famous thesis about the “end of history” turned out to be only a temporary mirage. Russia’s resurgent imperial ambitions, African neo-colonialism, dangerous centralist tendencies in the European Union, and terrorist threats have caused the world that we tried to present as free and safe to place more and more demands on us. The post-Cold War geopolitical order has ceased to exist, so it is necessary to implement a new formula that will ensure the development of security in our region, which is so important in terms of world security.

Our region is a direct border between two visions of politics. Especially now, the war in Ukraine has shown how important our region is from the point of view of global security. Its weakness may cause complete destabilization of the world order. Therefore, from the point of view of geopolitics and world stabilization, your region becomes crucial. Its strength determines the maintenance of political order. However, in order to maintain it, it must be strengthened through activities aimed at building the Three Seas Community of Nations, capable of fending off political, economic and military threats through lasting alliances.