The role of Poland in the Three Seas initiative

Author: Tomasz Pysiak

As mentioned above, the idea of Intermarium is a Polish idea which, thanks to the potential and carrying capacity of Polish culture, was implanted in the countries of the region in the 16th century. Therefore, Poland cannot be denied its leading role in the Three Seas Initiative. The constantly developing social and political thought of the Three Seas Community of Nations has put it on new tracks and, with a favorable political and economic situation, it can be fully implemented.

An important task of Poland, as the largest country in the region and the originator of activities for the Three Seas Commonwealth of Nations, is not only to suggest topics and solutions, but most importantly, to ensure the coherence of activities while fully respecting the sovereign decisions of a given country associated in the Three Seas initiative. It is also important for Poland to ensure a broad promotion of this initiative as the common good of all the nations of the Three Seas. Being a kind of accelerator of change and fulfilling the role of an inspirer requires Poland to switch to actions consistent with the idea of building community and accepting diversity. Poland’s task is also to look for allies for this initiative outside the countries “associated” with the Three Seas Initiative. Poland is taking such actions, as evidenced by the great interest of the United States in this project.

Poland’s task is to set an example of economic changes and openness to cooperation in many aspects of social life. Poland’s huge mission is also to expand this initiative, which it is doing successfully, to new countries, including Ukraine. Actions for security and building stability in the region are, of course, the responsibility of all countries in the region, but Poland, as the initiator and creator of this idea, is particularly predestined to take responsibility for the further development of the Three Seas Initiative. All activities of government institutions and most NGOs are an example of this. Political support is an important aspect. Therefore, it is important not to miss the opportunity to work towards building the Three Seas Community of Nations.