The Three Seas as a community of traditions, history and values

Author: Tomasz Pysiak

The Three Seas, as stated above, was born in specific political and social conditions among geographically close people, and in order to exist it refers to a community of values and fate. It cannot be omitted to mention that the activities in the Three Seas and previously in the Intermarium were undertaken by people of the Christian faith (with full respect for the Jewish and Muslim minorities), in particular Catholics. This is important because the ritual proximity brought closer the traditions and values that guided the nations creating the Intermarium – the later concept of the Three Seas. However, religiosity and community tradition (significant share of Slavs and geographical proximity leading to cultural diffusion) are not everything.

Of course, these features enabled increased cooperation, but its purpose was to ensure development and security. A community of goals was established, which we can observe now. The understanding that only in mutual alliances can we maintain sovereignty and security, combined with unpleasant historical experiences, meant that this idea could be put into practice.