The idea of the community of nations and its impact on building “Unity, Solidarity and Peace”

Author: Tomasz Pysiak

The community as such works for the good of its members, building among them: unity – this cannot be confused with sameness. From unity in actions and goals comes solidarity in the meaning of “Bear one another’s burdens.” Solidarity understood as subsidiarity and working together for the good generates peace. Peace is therefore the last and final element of this triad. Without unity there can be no solidarity, without solidarity there can be no peace. This logical implication should become the motto of building every community, especially the community of nations. Such actions were preached by the Venerable Servant of God Robert Schuman.

After World War II, when it seemed that the world and especially Europe would not recover, he undertook a work that could be said to be an unconscious continuation of Polish social and political thought, i.e. the Commonwealth of Nations, the emanation of which was, of course, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which was not without many flaws. Improving the concept of the Commonwealth of Nations by firmly basing it on the values and the logical implication of Unity – Solidarity – Peace, while respecting the integrity of each entity, brought a huge development leap for Western Europe. This showed that this concept is correct and that it makes success possible. Reconciling such wounded and conflicting parties was possible thanks to building a community based on values.

Therefore, when creating the Three Seas Community of Nations, it is worth drawing from the thoughts of the Venerable Servant of God Robert Schuman. His vision of the Commonwealth of Nations is fully universal thanks to the reference to the universal Christian vision where true fulfillment is achieved in the community.

Therefore, the Honorable Servant Robert Schuman and his concepts should be fully used during the construction of the Three Seas project. Its basis on classic values such as goodness, truth and beauty is a method for building a well-functioning community. The crisis in the European Union is therefore caused by nothing other than the departure from the approach of the Venerable Servant of God Robert Schuman and the rejection of the community of independent and sovereign entities in favor of centralization and uniformity. These experiences should clearly show decision-makers from the Three Seas countries to follow the path set by the Venerable Servant of God Robert Schuman, Alcide de Gasperi and Konrad Adenauer.